Data Protection Notice – The Old Harveians’ Association

Your data

This notice is for all members or prospective members of the Old Harveians’ Association. It applies to the processing of your personal data by the Old Harveians’.

Section I sets out the purposes for which your data will be used by the Old Harveians’ if you are to apply for membership.

Section II sets out the purposes for which your data will be used by the Old Harveians’ if you are already a member of the Old Harveians’.

Section I:

Use of your data during your application to become an Old Harveian

As an applicant to become an Old Harveians’, you consent to the processing, retention and sharing of your personal data for the purpose of assessing your membership.

You can withdraw your consent and request erasure of your data at any time prior to your joining by notifying the Old Harveians’ that you wish to cancel your membership application.

Section II:

Use of your data after you become an Old Harveian.

As an Old Harveians’ your data will be processed, retained and shared for any reasonable purposes. These purposes include, but are not limited to, the following purposes:

  1. Processing requests for information;
  2. Distribution of newsletters and other communications;
  3. Receiving communications to which you are entitled as an Old Harveians’;

You may stop your data from being used by the Old Harveians’ by resigning.

The Old Harveians’ is at The Harvey Grammar School, Cheriton road, Folkestone, CT19 5JY. Please contact its data protection officer by post or email to if you wish to:

  1. Object to the Old Harveians processing your data;
  2. Request access to your data; or
  3. Request rectification of your data.

The legal bases on which your personal data will be used in accordance with this Section II are:

  1. The legitimate interests of the Old Harveians’ as a not for profit membership organisation; and
  2. The fulfilment of contractual obligations owed to you by the Old Harveians’ as described in the constitution.

In this notice “Constitution” means the General Laws and Regulations for the Government of the Old Harveians’.

For more information please also see our Data Protection Policy.

John Hine (57-63)

We were very sorry to learn of the death of John Hine (57-63) following a motorcycle accident in New Zealand. His friend and executor Dr Philip Stimpson very kindly provided the following obituary.

“John Hine attended the Harvey from 1957 to 1963 before going on to Bristol University and a career in accountancy. At Bristol he gained a 2.1 in Economics and Accountancy. While at Bristol he lived in the Holmes, a town mansion in the grounds of Churchill Hall of residence. The friends he made in the snooker room and on the croquet lawn of the Holmes and in the Berkeley coffee rooms have remained with him throughout his life. Following Articles at a firm in Canterbury he joined KPMG in the City of London where he worked for more than 30 years as a tax expert. During this time he developed a delight in steam railways and model railways ultimately filling his loft in Stoke D’Abernon with a working model of Dover Priory station. His other great passion was in motorcycling and, in particular after taking early retirement, in touring far away places. With groups of friends he visited Russia, North America, S Africa, Chile and Argentina not to mention most countries in Europe. Sadly, but doing what he loved, it was on one of those trips he died on 3rd of February in New Zealand following a motor accident. A few years ago he led a group of his friends to East Kent and took great pleasure in showing us around places in Dover and Folkestone that meant much to him. A lifelong bachelor he had no close surviving relations; his friends were his family. He will be remembered for happy dinners and good wine but most of all as a loyal friend who you could come to at a time of need.”

John was cremated in New Zealand but there will be a memorial service on Saturday 20th April at 12.30 at St Mary’s Church Stoke D’Abernon, Cobham, Surrey. The church is about 1km from the station. There will hopefully be light refreshment afterwards in the church hall.

Nico Jackson

OHA member Nico Jackson has hit the headlines after accompanying Pippa Middleton to the holiday island of Mustique. Nico, who joined the Harvey in 1989 from Stella Maris Primary School, is the son of Martyn Jackson, who is one of the famous 59ers group of Old Harveians.

After leaving the Harvey is 1986 with excellent A levels, Nico graduated from university and subsequently became a stockbroker with Deutsche Bank, for whom he currently works. At school, Nico was  also a talented sportsman, who represented the Harvey at football, cricket and tennis.

Our Secretary Phil Harding remembers him well as a member of the squad on the USA Football Tour in 1995, and has been back through the archives to discover some photos of Nico from that trip.

Missing addresses – Can you help?

We currently have no addresses for over 90 members! That’s nearly a tenth of our membership not enjoying the excellent newsletters that our editor, Dominic Van der Wal, works so hard to produce.

Please take a look at the members on this list and see if you can help us track them down.

Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

There are now Old Harveian’s groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.  The LinkedIn group has been running for a short while now and has, under the guidance of Mark Harrison, organised some get togethers both in London and Folkestone.

To join in the fun. share memories and catch up with old friends, go to and