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The Old Harveians Association is for alumni of the Harvey Grammar School of all ages and eras to keep in touch with their friends, peers, teachers and with the School. Members range in age from those who have left in the last couple of years to students from the 1930s and 40s.

There are thousands of Old Harveians in all fields of life, public service and business across the world. Two even met on a mountain in South America.

Others include a recently retired Master of the Queen Mary 2, the Principal of Hertford College at Oxford University, the Head of the Test and Development Centre at Mercedes F1, the Managing Director of an International Bank and several Professors. And, perhaps most importantly, the current Head of School itself, the first Old Boy to hold the position.

Students who made their mark longer ago (some sadly no longer with us) include a Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and Life Peer, a Kent and England cricketing legend and a rock star. And the staff also have their stories with several being involved with the Bletchley code-breakers in World War 2.

Almost without exception, former students recognise what an exceptionally fine school the Harvey was and how fortunate we are to have received such a good all-round education. In recent years the school’s record of achievement has excelled in every area. At the last Ofsted inspection the school was classed as Outstanding in every category.

For the more athletic (or just enthusiastic) the Association also fields teams against the School in the annual football, cricket, hockey, table tennis and golf matches – enthusiasm is more important than talent!

The OHA has a unique and close relationship with the School. The Harvey does not have a Parent Teachers Association and the OHA provides the important fund-raising that is usually done by a PTA. In recent years these funds have provided a new mini-bus, re-stocked the Library and sent all Year 9 pupils to Ypres war graves each year during the WW1 commemorations. This is why your membership and subscription is so important. The Association produces a regular Newsletter and has an active social calendar. The first Saturday in December always sees the OHA Annual Reunion Dinner at the School, which invariably attracts a large gathering and is a focus for the year-group reunions. We hold occasional luncheons with distinguished speakers, a Concert each March as well as running trips to places of interest.

New Members
If you would like to join the association for just £10 per year subscription, just complete our Membership Application Form and we’ll be pleased to welcome you to our active and flourishing alumni Association. The subscription is taken from your bank account on the 1st of January each year, so the sooner you join, the more you get for free!


OHA Annual Dinner 2021

We’re delighted to announce that the
OHA Annual Dinner
will be held on
Saturday 4th December 2021.
7p.m. for 7.30p.m. at the School.

For further information and tickets – £26.00 – go to Booking Form
or contact Phil Harding


Last date for receipt of bookings 20th November


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