Annual Dinner 03 Dec…

Annual Dinner 03 Dec..
The official last day for bookings for the Dinner is tomorrow Monday 28 November. However there are a few places left and very late bookings are possible. Contact Phil Harding or mob 07850 154827

From Phil Harding – Annual Dinner 03 Dec…

The Dinner is now less than two weeks away. Bookings are being received regularly and numbers are looking good. There are still places available so please don’t think that you may have missed out. Final date for booking is Mon 28 November so you have another week to let me know. Menu and Booking Form  For more info e-mail me at

Dinner 2013 - Barry Fuller & Nicholas Robbins & Richard Robbins & Peter thomas

Annual Dinner 2016

The Annual Dinner is now less than a month away – 03 December. Bookings have been received from

Roy Adams (65-72)

Brian Adams (62-67)

Roderick Axell (56-59)

John Batten (52-59) – OHA President

Michael Bedford (39-46)

Ian Bewick (63-67)

Matt Cinelli (93-00)

Graham Clifton (62-68)

Arnold Cornish (45-50)

Greg Cowling (78-84)

Richard Crump (85-92)

Brian Dallaway – ex-staff (82-06)

John Dennis -Chairman of Governors & Master of Ceremonies

Jeffery Develin (50-56)

Frank Easton (44-52)

Daniel Falvey (03-10)

Brian Flood (59-64)

Bill Floydd (48-49)

Michael Gillman (71-78)

Simon Goodfellow – staff (94-)

Andrew Green (57-63)

Trevor Greening (ex-Governor)

John Greening (69-76)

Phil Harding – ex-staff (79-12) OHA Secretary

David Harrison (59-60) – Honorary Pianist

Mark Harrison (69-74) – OHA Social Networking Co-ordinator

Mat Harrison (07-11)

John Herbert – ex-staff (59-89)

Duncan Hopkin (ex-Governor)

Ivor Hopper (45-52)

Brian Huggins (59-64)

Martin Hydes – ex-staff (86-11) – Clerk to the Governors

Peter Imbert (44-49) (Lord Imbert of New Romney, QPM)

James Johnson (03-10)

Barry Knight (75-82)

Doug Leckie (59-66)

Colin Manning (52-54)

Paul Markland (62-69)

Brian Michell (45-48)

Peter Mortimer (60-68)

Peter Naish (56-63)

Scott Norman (85-92, Headmaster)

Cyril Orchard (41-47) – Former OHA President

Kevan Parrett (45-49)

Turrloo Parrett (46-51)

Simon Philpott (74-81)

Stewart Prebble (58-64)

Jim Radford (60-65)

Keith Radford (52-54)

Henry Shackleton (34-40)

David Shriver(75-82)

Malcolm Sperrin (74-81)

Phil Talbot (58-62)

Nigel Thomas – ex-staff (61-92)

Mark Towse (95-03)

David Turnbull (78-84)

Dominic van der Wal (85-92) – OHA Newsletter Editor

Derek Wood (45-51)

Antony Youell (79-81)

Dick Young – ex-staff (62-95)

See anyone you know? Then come and join them. Get a reunion together. Meet old friends, make new friends, catch up with old teachers, rekindle old memories. And possibly the last chance to see the old gym before it is demolished in the summer. Menu and Booking Form on earlier post or Phil Harding

School Pantomime 2016

From Phil Harding

School Pantomime 2016
Please see letter below from the School, inviting Old Harveians to this year’s Panto.As you can see from the letter, the Panto has been written by Owen Smith, a Year 13 pupil, who is also directing it. He is the son of an Old Harveian, Tim Smith.

Dear Gentlemen

It is with great delight that I invite you to our school pantomime which, once again, sees a first in our school’s history. This year’s pantomime has not only been written by one of our very own Year 13 pupils, Owen Smith, but is also being directed by him too. The Harvey Grammar School Pantomime is a well-established highlight in the annual school calendar and it is with great pride that I write to inform you that the 2016 pantomime, ‘The Giant with the Four Golden Hairs’, really is 100% Harvey boys. Along with the giant, we will see our hero Jacob, his mother, the evil King, Queen, Princess, the Knights, the robbers and the entire chorus sing, dance and of course fill your evening full of fun panto jokes. ‘Oh no they won’t, Oh yes they will!’

On behalf of the cast, I would like to invite you to this very magical evening which promises to be full of laughter and excitement. There will be two performances of ‘The Giant with the Four Golden Hairs’, one on Thursday 8th December and the other on Friday 9th December, both starting at 6.30pm in the School Hall. Raffle tickets will be available to purchase on the evening and the raffle will be held during the interval. Refreshments will also be available to purchase during the interval.

Ticket prices are as follows:

 Adult £5.00

 3-11 year olds £3.00

 Under 3s Free

 Family tickets (2 adults & 2 children) £12.00

Not only will you enjoy laughing out loud for two fun filled hours, the cast and technical team deserve to show their hard work and effort to an appreciative and enthusiastic audience.

Both cast and technical team have been working very hard, rehearsing for four hours every week, to bring this extremely funny pantomime to you. We hope that you are able to attend and look forward to seeing you in December.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Rebecca Rogers

Head of Drama

Tel: 01303 252131 E-Mail:

Fax: 01303 220721 Web:

From Phil Harding…

First a thank you to those who have already booked for the Annual Dinner on 03 Dec. Bookings are being received steadily and its good to see that payment by Bank transfer is proving popular.

As always, the OHA extends an invitation not just to OHA members but to old boys in the Linkedin and Facebook groups, members of the OHA website and to all Old Harveians. In recent years attendees have ranged from 18 to 102 years of age.

We are always particularly keen to see those who joined or left the school 50 or 25 years ago. We would also very much like to see those who left 5 years ago in 2011. Join us and bring us up to date on your University, college, internship, apprenticeship, other training, career, etc.

The Dinner is always a great opportunity to catch up with old friends in a familiar setting. Get a class or year group reunion together. This is also probably the last chance to see the old gym, a building with great memories for most old boys, as it is being demolished and replaced in summer 2017.

Please remember that places are limited so get your booking in as soon as possible. For more information contact Phil For Menu and Booking Form  dinner-notice-dec-2016

Old Harveians Annual Dinner 03 Dec.

The Old Harveians Annual Dinner is being held at the school on 03 Dec. As in recent years the OHA have extended the invitation to all old boys, not just to OHA members. Two special items this year – first payment for tickets can now be made by Bank transfer, not just by cheque. Secondly, the old gym will be demolished and replaced during Summer 2017. This may be your last chance to visit it.

For Booking Form and Menu

dinner-notice-dec-2016    or visit


Harvey Grammar pupil achieves amazing GCSE haul as school shines…

A student at Harvey Grammar School in Folkestone achieved 14 top GCSEs – and the school insists it is only the beginning for the youngster.

Richard Moore achieved A* and As in all of his subjects, while other impressive results came from Max Hulbert, Connor Owen, Joseph Spruce and Jake Chapman (all 12 A* and A grades).

Headteacher Scott Norman said: “A year of very hard work has delighted another set of outstanding GCSE results for our boys.

“These results will lay solid foundations for A-Level study and for many it will be the first step towards a place at one of the country’s top universities.

“This has been a fantastic year for all involved with the school with outstanding status achievement, and I am so pleased that all the hard work undertaken by staff and students has resulted in such impressive outcomes.”

From Phil Harding

Sad to report that, after a long and debilitating illness, borne with great courage and dignity, Daniel Wootton passed away on Sunday 21st August at the age of 42.  Together with his twin brother James, he was a member of the Harvey 1st XI that reached the ESFA National Final in 1991. He had been a member of the Old Harveians Association since leaving school in 1992, and the OHA sends its condolences to James and the rest of the family on their sad loss. Daniel will be remembered with great affection by all who knew him


From Will Chan…

Calling all Old Harveian football fans, come and join the fun by entering my charity (Donations With A Difference) annual football prediction competition. It’s only £5 per entry or £10 for 3 entries. All entry fees go into the charity’s Grant Fund to help local causes, see our website for more details of what we do:

You could win a share over £1,200 for yourselves and £450 for charity. Not to mention that entering will also provide a platform for some good old fashion football banter throughout the 2016/17 season!

Thanks in advance of your support.

The Referendum – view from an old Harveian…

The British people have just been through a bruising, debilitating but necessary debate. We have had to take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror. The argument has divided communities and parties. Like any family argument, we are better for it. Even if it doesn’t yet feel that way.

This is now a moment for us to take a collective deep breath. We’ll be OK. Much of the campaign, on both sides, has been over the top. The period ahead won’t be as terrible as predicted by Remain camp. Nor as easy as claimed by the Leave camp. The defining moment for the UK’s place in the 21st century is not the referendum itself, but how we now respond to it. This will take the best of our resilience and confidence.

As we emerge blinking into what will be a different chapter in our history book, we need to reflect hard on what the British people have said. This vote isn’t about the shape of our bananas, or what we put into our sausages. And let’s not mistake this as a vote for isolationism or retreat from the world. The British people are bigger than that.

Instead, the public has said two things. Firstly, that they are worried about current levels of immigration, and the way we fear that changes the character and economic prospects of the UK. The vast majority of us are not intolerant or racist. But many fear that there is no system strong enough to manage the implications of migration for our schools, health service and communities. So we need to think much more creatively about how we build a 21st century policy on migration that helps us promote and benefit from our openness and diversity, but doesn’t harm our infrastructure or fracture our politics.

Secondly, we don’t like decisions being taken further away from us. We have a growing distrust for authority, and a desire to claim greater influence over our lives. Power is moving towards technologically empowered individuals, and that is a good thing. This vote is a nail in the coffin for the 20th century global and national power structures. Our job now is to replace them with something that marshalls our best instincts and values, and not our worst.  We need to revisit how to engage the public in decisions – taking on the growing cynicism and disengagement from public life. The internet needs to strengthen our collective creativity and community, not undermine it.

The key now is to put aside the rancour of the last few months, and pull together – wherever we stood on the referendum – to ensure that the negative predictions about leaving Europe are proved wrong. One positive about the campaign has been individuals putting aside party affiliations and arguing (hard) about issues. Many people will be shocked and worried this morning. The referendum did not divide us on out of date party lines. And neither must the response.

We also need to update our offer to the world: a humanitarian and creative industries superpower; a major economy, military and political player; a global trading nation; a strong brand based on innovation and quality; and the world’s capital.

Meanwhile, there is an even more important election ahead for UK interests, and we don’t get to vote in that one. It is vital for global security that America makes the right decision later this year, and that not just Trump but his ideas are consigned to the 20th century dustbin where they belong.