Harvey GCSE results…

IT’S been a good Thursday at the Harvey Grammar, which is enjoying its best ever GCSE results.

Among the high achievers at the school were Josh Palmer, who achieved 9A*s and an A. History students did particularly well, with 48 per cent of students achieving A* or A.

Head Scott Norman said: “We’re delighted.

“We’ve got our best ever results. You can’t not enjoy a day like this.”

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A-levels: Harvey Grammar’s ‘fantastic’ results

The Harvey Grammar is celebrating another good year.

Head teacher Scott Norman said: “We’ve done fantastically. We’re up by two per cent on last year – we achieved 63.4 per cent A* to B. In my first year, I’m very pleased with that. What’s nice is that they have done really well and are going to really good universities and that’s the main thing.”

Felix Ling, pictured, achieved two As, in economics and general studies, and two A*s, in government and politics and history. He’s off to Warwick University.

He said: “I’m looking forward to it – it should be good. It’s been pretty stressful and pretty work-heavy but it’s been good.”


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