Harvey GCSE results…

IT’S been a good Thursday at the Harvey Grammar, which is enjoying its best ever GCSE results.

Among the high achievers at the school were Josh Palmer, who achieved 9A*s and an A. History students did particularly well, with 48 per cent of students achieving A* or A.

Head Scott Norman said: “We’re delighted.

“We’ve got our best ever results. You can’t not enjoy a day like this.”

Read more: http://www.folkestoneherald.co.uk/Best-GCSE-results-Harvey-Grammar/story-22795897-detail/story.html#ixzz3B1LG4U3r

Read more at http://www.folkestoneherald.co.uk/Best-GCSE-results-Harvey-Grammar/story-22795897-detail/story.html#jOd4lZGhJRPCw48f.99

A-levels: Harvey Grammar’s ‘fantastic’ results

The Harvey Grammar is celebrating another good year.

Head teacher Scott Norman said: “We’ve done fantastically. We’re up by two per cent on last year – we achieved 63.4 per cent A* to B. In my first year, I’m very pleased with that. What’s nice is that they have done really well and are going to really good universities and that’s the main thing.”

Felix Ling, pictured, achieved two As, in economics and general studies, and two A*s, in government and politics and history. He’s off to Warwick University.

He said: “I’m looking forward to it – it should be good. It’s been pretty stressful and pretty work-heavy but it’s been good.”


Read more: http://www.folkestoneherald.co.uk/levels-Harvey-Grammar-s-fantastc-results/story-22731120-detail/story.html#ixzz3ATdLxRpS

Read more at http://www.folkestoneherald.co.uk/levels-Harvey-Grammar-s-fantastc-results/story-22731120-detail/story.html#MhVVkhpFhAi2BDUS.99

Pop star at the Harvey…

POP sensation Pixie Lott wowed pupils at the Harvey Grammar School with an exclusive performance this morning.

The 23-year-old star sung three acoustic numbers in front of the lower school during assembly, before talking to sixth formers and aspiring music students.

Lott, who has topped the charts with songs such as All About Tonight, was at the school to promote the work of charity Cardiac Risk in the Young and said it was the first visit to Folkestone.

She said: “It’s great to be here. Everyone has been really friendly and accommodating, and it’s really good to spread the word of CRY.”


Read more: http://www.folkestoneherald.co.uk/PICTURES-Pixie-Lott-impresses-Harvey-Grammar-boys/story-21644632-detail/story.html#ixzz37dtg7HR9

Read more at http://www.folkestoneherald.co.uk/PICTURES-Pixie-Lott-impresses-Harvey-Grammar-boys/story-21644632-detail/story.html#XWbK3Ig4AcfbTGwR.99

from the Folkestone Herald

Pixie Lott to perform at the Harvey Grammar

Read more: http://www.folkestoneherald.co.uk/Pixie-Lott-perform-Harvey-Grammar/story-21311671-detail/story.html#ixzz36KmGHfhB

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POP sensation Pixie Lott is to perform a special acoustic set at the Harvey Grammar School later this month, it has been confirmed. The ‘Mama Do’ singer will take to the stage on Wednesday, July 16 to…

Dedication of Alan Philpott Memorial Sports Ground

Dedication of Alan Philpott Memorial Sports Ground

via Phil Harding ‘..we will be dedicating the School Sports Ground to the memory of Alan Philpott – The Alan Philpott Memorial Sports Ground – Wednesday, 2nd July. The dedication ceremony will be at 10.15 a.m. for 10.30 a.m. It will be performed by Canon John Wright, who gave the eulogy at Alan’s funeral last year. Tea and coffee will be available, and the ceremony will be followed by the School v Old Harveians cricket match, with the Old Harveians team being captained by the Headmaster, Scott Norman. All are invited to watch the cricket and also to have lunch at 1.00 p.m’.


Year 9 trip to WW1 battlefields

The whole of Year 9 will be visiting the battlefields and war graves at Ypres in June. This will be take place over two days, the 11th and the 18th. There are a few places on each day for old Harveians to join these trips. Please contact Phil Harding for more information

Can you help the Harvey?

In his introduction as the new Head at the Harvey, Scott Norman said ‘if there are any Old Harveians who feel they
are in a position to contribute in some way to the School or its students, such as coming to the School to speak about a career in a particular area, or are in a position to offer work experience placements, then I would be delighted to hear from you’. Scott is very keen for the current students to benefit from the ‘real world’ experience of us old boys. If you would like to be involved in this
way please contact Phil Harding initially phil@ksfa.freeserve.co.uk

from Phil Harding…

Old Harveians will be pleased to hear that the School has been successful in its bid for a new building. The government has granted the Harvey £2.4 million for a “state of the art” 12 classroom facility which will replace the ageing current Maths block – a temporary building erected twenty years ago. Work will be starting in August and the project is due to be completed by this time next year. The new building will be sited towards the Cherry Garden Avenue side of the site and will be a huge improvement for the School.

Old Harveians ‘Beer in London’

At long last, the next London beer is May 15. Due to a lack of inspiration on my part venue is probably Betjemans at St Pancras again. Usual format, very informal, no booking. Just come along any time from 5.30/6pm. Meet other old Harveians, share memories, have a laugh, maybe a bit of networking and a beer or two. You may even bump into an old friend that you haven’t seen since you left the school. It has happened!

For more details phone me on 01233 500464 or e-mail Mark@AshfordExecutiveCars.co.uk . If you can’t find us at Betjemans call me on my mobile 07939 101065 – don’t just walk away.

Alan Philpott & John Botting

Timothy L’Estrange posted this on Facebook recently

‘Following the sad loss of both John Botting and Alan Philpott last year I couldn’t help noticing that they sat next to each other in the school 1980 group photo. Close up section attached’.