From Phil Harding

Sad to report that, after a long and debilitating illness, borne with great courage and dignity, Daniel Wootton passed away on Sunday 21st August at the age of 42.  Together with his twin brother James, he was a member of the Harvey 1st XI that reached the ESFA National Final in 1991. He had been a member of the Old Harveians Association since leaving school in 1992, and the OHA sends its condolences to James and the rest of the family on their sad loss. Daniel will be remembered with great affection by all who knew him


From Will Chan…

Calling all Old Harveian football fans, come and join the fun by entering my charity (Donations With A Difference) annual football prediction competition. It’s only £5 per entry or £10 for 3 entries. All entry fees go into the charity’s Grant Fund to help local causes, see our website for more details of what we do:

You could win a share over £1,200 for yourselves and £450 for charity. Not to mention that entering will also provide a platform for some good old fashion football banter throughout the 2016/17 season!

Thanks in advance of your support.

The Referendum – view from an old Harveian…

The British people have just been through a bruising, debilitating but necessary debate. We have had to take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror. The argument has divided communities and parties. Like any family argument, we are better for it. Even if it doesn’t yet feel that way.

This is now a moment for us to take a collective deep breath. We’ll be OK. Much of the campaign, on both sides, has been over the top. The period ahead won’t be as terrible as predicted by Remain camp. Nor as easy as claimed by the Leave camp. The defining moment for the UK’s place in the 21st century is not the referendum itself, but how we now respond to it. This will take the best of our resilience and confidence.

As we emerge blinking into what will be a different chapter in our history book, we need to reflect hard on what the British people have said. This vote isn’t about the shape of our bananas, or what we put into our sausages. And let’s not mistake this as a vote for isolationism or retreat from the world. The British people are bigger than that.

Instead, the public has said two things. Firstly, that they are worried about current levels of immigration, and the way we fear that changes the character and economic prospects of the UK. The vast majority of us are not intolerant or racist. But many fear that there is no system strong enough to manage the implications of migration for our schools, health service and communities. So we need to think much more creatively about how we build a 21st century policy on migration that helps us promote and benefit from our openness and diversity, but doesn’t harm our infrastructure or fracture our politics.

Secondly, we don’t like decisions being taken further away from us. We have a growing distrust for authority, and a desire to claim greater influence over our lives. Power is moving towards technologically empowered individuals, and that is a good thing. This vote is a nail in the coffin for the 20th century global and national power structures. Our job now is to replace them with something that marshalls our best instincts and values, and not our worst.  We need to revisit how to engage the public in decisions – taking on the growing cynicism and disengagement from public life. The internet needs to strengthen our collective creativity and community, not undermine it.

The key now is to put aside the rancour of the last few months, and pull together – wherever we stood on the referendum – to ensure that the negative predictions about leaving Europe are proved wrong. One positive about the campaign has been individuals putting aside party affiliations and arguing (hard) about issues. Many people will be shocked and worried this morning. The referendum did not divide us on out of date party lines. And neither must the response.

We also need to update our offer to the world: a humanitarian and creative industries superpower; a major economy, military and political player; a global trading nation; a strong brand based on innovation and quality; and the world’s capital.

Meanwhile, there is an even more important election ahead for UK interests, and we don’t get to vote in that one. It is vital for global security that America makes the right decision later this year, and that not just Trump but his ideas are consigned to the 20th century dustbin where they belong.

Ofsted Report – April 2016

Ofsted report publised 25 April. Huge congratulations to Scott Norman and staff, John Dennis and Governors and the boys
The Harvey Grammar School
Cheriton Rd, Folkestone, Kent CT19 5JY
Inspection dates
16–17 March 2016
Overall effectiveness
Effectiveness of leadership and management
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
Personal development, behaviour and welfare
Outcomes for pupils
16 to 19 study programmes
Overall effectiveness at previous inspection
The Harvey Grammar School
Unique Reference Number (URN): 138480

Old Harveian enters London Marathon

Old Harveian Leigh Hovey is running the London Marathon in support of his wife who has ME

Leigh Hovey

HGS USA football tours…

from Phil Harding

Since the first Harvey Football Tour to the USA in 1989, over 200 Harveians have taken part in 14 tours, and another is planned for this summer. Among many memorable experiences have been the opportunities to stay with American families in their homes. There will be a Reunion for all past tourists at the Harvey on the evening of Friday 6th May, when we will be joined by Sam and Sandy Ruffo from Conklin, who organised the host families on that first tour, and who have been involved ever since. For more details, please contact Phil Harding on or 07850 154827


 from top  1989 with Alan Philpott,  2003 with Phil Harding, date unknown

RAF Squadronaires Concert April 23rd

Well over half of the seats have now been sold. The Concert is open to everybody to please let colleagues and neighbours know about it. Or bring some friends along for the evening. Proceeds will be split between RAF charities and the Old Harveians Association for the benefit of the school. For more information and tickets contact John Oliver or tel: 01303 251403

Old Harveians Golf Society

OHGS events 2016 (1)

I know you’ll be looking forward with much excitement to the first OHGS
event of the year. Here are the details:

NOTE: please reply to
Dave Green – 30 Ormonde Road, Hythe, Kent CT21 6DN
01303 26885801303 268858

Wednesday 23rd March at Upchurch River Valley GC, Sittingbourne

Amazing deal: breakfast, 18 holes, three course dinner for just £27 (plus £2 for prizes)

09:30 breakfast
10:28 first tee time
16:30 dinner

Format: as in previous years, teams of 3 or 4 (with best two/three scores to count, depending on numbers)

Please feel free to bring guests (who do not have to be Old Harveians).

Let’s have a big turnout for the start to 2016. It’s bound to be a lovely sunny Spring day!

(Disclaimer: your Hon Sec can’t guarantee that, but they say that the sun shines on the righteous, so I guess we get what we deserve!)

Complete and return to DAVE GREEN (contact details above)


1) I/we would like to play and enclose a cheque to OHGS (£29 per person)
2) I regret that I cannot attend

Name(s). Handicap(s), if any*

* players without handicaps will be given a Society handicap, probably 24
but depending on your honest opinion of your playing ability.

For more information contact Hon. Sec.


At their own request, and to celebrate the centenary of their old Harveian founder Ronnie Aldrich, the RAF Squadronaires will be performing live at the Harvey on 23 April 2016. The Squadronaires performed at the Harvey in 2014 and the evening was a huge success with all seats sold out. Around 120 of the 320 seats have already been sold. For more info and booking contact John Oliver or tel: 01303 251403


Grace Hill

It looks as if the time is nigh for the demolition of the old school canteen in Grace Hill.

HGS Grace Hill