John Smith RIP

from John Dennis Chair of Governors, John Batten President of the OHA and Scott Norman Headteacher…
“All will be sad to hear that John Smith, former president of the OHA, died on Sunday, 28th October. John was President of our Association from 1994 to 2006 and continued to stay involved with the school serving as a governor for an unparalelled 27 years and as an ongoing member of the OHA committee. John, a hugely successful local businessman who never fully retired, attended the Harvey from 1946 until 1953 and remembered his favourite subjects as Latin and Gymnastics with the latter being taught by “Killer” Howard. John always spoke of his gratitude for what the Harvey gave him, but that debt was repaid in full many times over with the dedicated service that John gave back. He will be sorely missed by all involved with the school and the OHA.”

Old Harveians Annual Dinner 01 Dec.

The menu and booking are available now. Members of the OHA should have received these by post. As always, courtesy of the OHA, all old Harveians are welcome, not just members of the Association. Get some friends together for a reunion. Lawrence Po-Ba and David Stewart are organising a big reunion for the 1988 leavers 30th anniversary. Tony Reynolds is keen to catch up with 1968 leavers 50 years on. A number of current and former staff will be present as always.
Menu and Booking Form
Contact for Lawrence, David and Tony

Final booking date will be Friday 23 November.

Terry Jones in Folkestone this weekend…

Final reminder. Anyone wanting to catch up with the Harvey Legend he will be in the Master Brewers on Broadmead Village from 1pm on Sunday 09 Sept. Informal so just turn up and catch up. If you can’t see us ring Terry on 07957304086 or myself on 07939 101065
09 Sept. Terry was joined by fellow Harvey legends Nigel ‘NAT’ Thomas and Stuart McCarthy plus some old boys for a great afternoon. More at

Terry Jones update…

Terry and his wife will be in Kent 5-11 Sept. Whilst here he would ‘like to catch up with as many old boys’, and former teaching colleagues, as possible. Terry will be at the Master Brewers on Broadmead Village on 9th Sept. from 1pm. Just come along and catch up with him.

Les Ames…

From Phil Harding
I’ve not had a chance to see if the attached photo of Les Ames (aged two and a half, in his parents’ garden at Elham) is in his biography, but I’ve just seen it on Facebook

Data Protection Notice – The Old Harveians’ Association

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This notice is for all members or prospective members of the Old Harveians’ Association. It applies to the processing of your personal data by the Old Harveians’.

Section I sets out the purposes for which your data will be used by the Old Harveians’ if you are to apply for membership.

Section II sets out the purposes for which your data will be used by the Old Harveians’ if you are already a member of the Old Harveians’.

Section I:

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You can withdraw your consent and request erasure of your data at any time prior to your joining by notifying the Old Harveians’ that you wish to cancel your membership application.

Section II:

Use of your data after you become an Old Harveian.

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You may stop your data from being used by the Old Harveians’ by resigning.

The Old Harveians’ is at The Harvey Grammar School, Cheriton road, Folkestone, CT19 5JY. Please contact its data protection officer by post or email to if you wish to:

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In this notice “Constitution” means the General Laws and Regulations for the Government of the Old Harveians’.

For more information please also see our Data Protection Policy.

From Phil Harding…

An old Harveian replaces Arsene Wenger..

and another successful old boy

KYJO Concert 28 April

The Kent Youth Jazz Orchestra concert at the school is less than 10 days from now. Saturday 28 April from 7.30pm. This event is very popular but there are still a few tickets left. The concert is open to everybody, not just old Harveians. Contact John Oliver tel: 01303 251403 or e-mail

Kent Youth Jazz Orchestra

From KYJO concert organisers John Oliver and Phil Harding
The KYJO concert had to be cancelled on Saturday 03 March… The concert has however been re-arranged for Saturday 28th of April
Tickets already issued will be honoured on confirmation back to John Oliver tel 01303 251403 or e-mail that ticket holders wish to attend on 28 April. It also allows those who could not manage the 3rd of March to hopefully buy tickets for the new date

Kent Youth Jazz Orchestra concert

Only 10 days now to the Kent Youth Jazz Orchestra concert at the Harvey. Sat 03 March at 1930hrs. Still some tickets available at only £10.00 per person. Proceeds to the Old Harveians Assoc. for the benefit of the school.
Contact John Oliver tel: 01303 251403 or e-mail