John Smith RIP

from John Dennis Chair of Governors, John Batten President of the OHA and Scott Norman Headteacher…
“All will be sad to hear that John Smith, former president of the OHA, died on Sunday, 28th October. John was President of our Association from 1994 to 2006 and continued to stay involved with the school serving as a governor for an unparalelled 27 years and as an ongoing member of the OHA committee. John, a hugely successful local businessman who never fully retired, attended the Harvey from 1946 until 1953 and remembered his favourite subjects as Latin and Gymnastics with the latter being taught by “Killer” Howard. John always spoke of his gratitude for what the Harvey gave him, but that debt was repaid in full many times over with the dedicated service that John gave back. He will be sorely missed by all involved with the school and the OHA.”

Old Harveians Annual Dinner 01 Dec.

The menu and booking are available now. Members of the OHA should have received these by post. As always, courtesy of the OHA, all old Harveians are welcome, not just members of the Association. Get some friends together for a reunion. Lawrence Po-Ba and David Stewart are organising a big reunion for the 1988 leavers 30th anniversary. Tony Reynolds is keen to catch up with 1968 leavers 50 years on. A number of current and former staff will be present as always.
Menu and Booking Form
Contact for Lawrence, David and Tony

Final booking date will be Friday 23 November.