RIP Dave Richardson HGS 1967-74

Although Dave and I were at the Harvey at the same time for five years we had no recollection of our paths crossing there. It was through the Harvey group on Facebook that we first got in touch back in 2010. Our FB chats became more regular in 2013 exchanging notes on our sons, his eldest David and my youngest Mat, and their applications for University. Just two proud Dads discussing which Unis, why, what courses, student loans, accommodation, etc. etc. We met on only two occasions. The first in summer 2013 when I stopped for a coffee with him near his home in Ipswich. The second when he joined myself and other Harvey old boys for a beer in London this May.

Other than this I know little about Dave. When he left the Harvey he went on to the University of Bath and a career largely in IT. He lost his wife to cancer but had found a new happiness with Sarah. He was very proud of his sons and was looking forward to his younger son Steve also going to University soon. He was in good spirits when we met in May but a couple of weeks later he was diagnosed with cancer of the throat. He was very positive and met the challenge with great courage, posting a regular Sit Rep (situation report) on his Facebook page. He nicknamed his cancer ‘Bert’ and some weeks he would be beating Bert, and other times Bert would be having the upper hand. In late October came the Sit Rep no-one wanted to see. He announced that ‘Bert had won’. On 29 October David, Steve and Sarah posted the ‘In Memoriam’ on Facebook. The funeral is at Ipswich Crematorium 1145hrs 24 October.

RIP Dave


Latest Dinner attendees 06 Dec.

Andy Allon (76-81) & current staff

Russell Ames (87-94)

John Batten (52-59) OHA President

Guy Bexon (87-94)

Richard Brice – ex-staff (81-91)

Xavier Brice (85-93)

Matt Cary (00-07)

Bill Caudwell – ex-staff (03-13)

Frank Conley – ex-staff (70-03)

Arnold Cornish (45-50)

Graham Cowling (75-79)

Greg Cowling (79-84)

Scott Curtis (85-89)

Brian Dallaway (ex-staff 82-06)

Nathan Delaney (07-02)

John Dennis (Chairman of Governors)

Brian Dolton (50-58)

Tony Evans (65-70)

Bill Floydd (48-49)

Nigel Govett (85-92)

Trevor Greening (ex-Governor)

Phil Harding – ex-staff (79-12)

David Harrison (59-60)

Mark Harrison (69-74)

Toby Henderson (81-88)

Nick Hopkin (85-92)

Ivor Hopper (45-52)

Martin Hydes – ex-staff (86-22)

Peter Imbert (44-49)

James Johnson (03-10

Graham Lang (81-88)

Colin Manning (52-54)

Tom Masters (40-43)

Robert Masters (75-82)

Richard Mills (49-56)

Richard Morrell (84-91)

Chris Norman (86-90)

Scott Norman (85-92) & current Head

Simon Philpott (74-81)

Jim Radford (60-65)

Keith Radford (52-54)

Mark Rawlings (85-92)

Ken Rayner (85-92)

Andy Reynolds (57-63)

Joan Reynolds – ex-staff (80-10)

Henry Shackleton (34-40)

Dave Stewart (81-88)

John Stockham (59-64)

Derek Swann (44-47)

Nigel Thomas – ex-staff (61-92)

Peter Thomas – ex-staff (64-90)

Hugh Timms (30-35)

Andrew Towse (92-99)

Mark Towse (95-03)

Dominic Van der Wal (85-92)

Alec Vincent (49-54)

Chris Wells (55-60)

Ben Wilkins (87-94)

Derek Wood (45-51)

Bill Wright (81-13)

James Writer (87-94)

Dick Young – ex-staff (62-95)

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