Old Harveians ‘Beer in London’

At long last, the next London beer is May 15. Due to a lack of inspiration on my part venue is probably Betjemans at St Pancras again. Usual format, very informal, no booking. Just come along any time from 5.30/6pm. Meet other old Harveians, share memories, have a laugh, maybe a bit of networking and a beer or two. You may even bump into an old friend that you haven’t seen since you left the school. It has happened!

For more details phone me on 01233 500464 or e-mail Mark@AshfordExecutiveCars.co.uk . If you can’t find us at Betjemans call me on my mobile 07939 101065 – don’t just walk away.

Alan Philpott & John Botting

Timothy L’Estrange posted this on Facebook recently

‘Following the sad loss of both John Botting and Alan Philpott last year I couldn’t help noticing that they sat next to each other in the school 1980 group photo. Close up section attached’.