A request from Phil Harding

Over the past few years it has been interesting to see how social media is enabling Old Harveians of all ages to re-unite with former schoolmates and to re-connect with the school and their schooldays.

The Harvey group on Linkedin.com has over 500 members and the one on Facebook nearly 200 whilst the Old Harveians Association (www.oldharveians.org.uk) has over 1,100 members. This makes the OHA one of the most successful school alumni associations in the country.

Over the years all old boys will have benefitted from the OHAs fund-raising activities and support for the school. In the past two years the OHA has paid for a new minibus and contributed to the costs of new lighting and sound systems in the school hall. This year, the OHA is marking the 100th anniversary of the Great War by supporting the Year 9 trip to the battlefields and war graves of the Somme, where many former Harvey pupils fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The OHA organises sporting and social events throughout the year culminating in the Annual Dinner at the school each December. We also produce a professionally-printed newsletter at least twice a year that is sent to to all members. The current edition features special tributes to Alan Philpott and John Botting, both of whom sadly passed away last year.

A cornerstone of the OHA finances and our support for the school is the annual membership fee. Due to the number of members this remains very low at only £10 per year. Many members of the social media groups above are already members of the OHA. However can I ask those of you who are not to consider joining the Old Harveians Association? The extra fees from new members will be a very important contribution to further supporting the school and its pupils in the current difficult economic climate. Fees are collected once a year in January so the first contribution won’t be until January 2015

A Membership Application Form  is available by contacting me on phil@ksfa.freeserve.co.uk and I very much look forward to hearing from you.

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